Sub-Zero & Wolf

The home of world-leading Sub-Zero & Wolf product ranges in Europe. Our aim is to help you achieve the best possible design and performance you demand for modern living. Our winning blend of experience and superior quality products are sure to inspire you and we believe that Sub-Zero and Wolf products will integrate beautifully into your lifestyle or organization.

Our task is to match your aspirations with traditionally uncompromising service, care and maintenance and to foster your life-long relationship with our products.

SZ&W is an ever evolving and successful organization with a proven track record in surpassing our clients’ expectation. Our network of Living Kitchen demonstration studios have been designed to provide the ultimate showcase for the Sub-Zero range of refrigerators, freezers and wine storage solutions and to bring alive the passion for cooking you would expect from the Wolf range of precision cooking instruments.


Anyone quizzically admiring your Sub-Zero or Wolf equipment may appreciate a little history.

You can tell them how Wisconsin entrepreneur Westye F. Bakke made it his mission over 60 years ago to design the ultimate in refrigeration.

Add that he perfected the storage of frozen food at ultra-low temperatures, hence Sub-Zero. And mention that his talents were recognised by one of the godfathers of modern design, Frank Lloyd Wright – who commissioned Sub-Zero units for his legendary buildings.

Or tell them that Wolf equipment has been put to the test for over 70 years in the kitchens of the finest restaurants.

Built to withstand the rigours of the professional kitchen and the fragile temperaments of top chefs, this uncompromising equipment is the very least you could settle for.

Alternatively you could keep quiet and let the equipment, hand-built in America, speak for itself.

To finish first, first you must finish