This is my favorite race of the year The Spa 6 hour (into the night race) held at Spa-Francorchamps Belgium, the venue is fantastic and the circuit is number one for most race car drivers and the GT40 is one of the most famous cars for endurance racing. I teamed up with John Young for the race which starts at 4pm and finishes at 10pm with 108 other race cars on the grid. We only just made the start as we had a clutch problem and the gearbox had to come out to get to it, the team worked marvels and I started the race with seconds to spare handed over to John who had a great race then I finished the last two hours in the most incredible thunderstorms I have ever driven in to finish 8th overall….with the car steamed up and all of us wet through I picked up John in the pit lane and we drove straight out the track to a lovely Pizza restaurant in Francorchamps met with the team for some well deserved munch

Here Are A Couple of Practice Laps